Welcome to IT Net Central

With more and more concerns about internet security, it has become clear that people are looking for easy solutions to protect their privacy.  IT Net Central was designed to help you find a solution for your privacy and internet security needs.  We spend hours using and reviewing all the options that have become popular as a means to make your internet experience secure.  If there is a service you would like to see us do a review for then make sure to contact us and we will be happy to look at the options and do a review on this site.  Currently we are doing reviews on VPN and VPS services.

Virtual Private Networks

With added security from hackers and making it difficult for internet service providers and hackers to follow where you are surfing the virtual private network (VPN) has become the go to option for home and business users.  The basic way a VPN works is that you connect through a secure connection to a server somewhere in the world.  Then you use this server as a shield to surf the internet.  If you are interested in learning more about VPNs go HERE.

Virtual Private Servers

For businesses a virtual private server (VPN) offers a means to allow employees to connect and access sensitive company files, documents, and even progrmas from remote locations.  Home users frequently use a VPS to access files from everywhere or to connect to accounting software remotely.  Another group that frequently uses a VPS is gamers.  All of the major massive multiplayer games use VPS’s to allow users from all over the world to compete against each other.  There are tons of uses for these great resources and you can learn more about VPS HERE.

Identity and Credit Monitoring

Identity theft is one of the most widespread and under prosecuted crimes in the world.  You can do everything right while using your VPN for privacy but still end up with some thief causing you problems.  For this reaseon we decided to start reviewing the best protection services.  Get more information on identity theft protection and credit monitoring services HERE.

Finding the Right Service for You

IT Net Central is here to help you get your internet security in order.  Use our detailed reviews and guides to help you know which services can meet your specific needs.  Doing your research and knowing the features that fit your situation the best, whether that is a VPS or VPN, will allow you to save time, money, and frustration.  No matter what you choose the important thing is that you are protected from the scourge of the internet.