Hide My Ass (HMA) Pro VPN Review

HMA ReviewHide My Ass is more than just a clever name. It is a full-service and comprehensive VPN client with a number of additional services, all with one goal in mind: online privacy, security, and anonymity. Hide My Ass (HMA), provides one of the best software clients you will find, coupled with customer service to match, making it the go to solution for many VPN users.

Plans and Pricing

If you shop around for a VPN, whether it is for private or more commercial use, you will find that many providers offer a dizzying array of options. These options usually lead more to confusion than a direct path of solving a problem. Hide My Ass, on the other hand, offers one VPN package, HMA Pro VPN, eliminating the need to decide which option is best suited for your needs. This package, will satisfy the majority of people seeking anonymity on the internet through a virtual private network.

Their pricing is also very straightforward. The package is currently available for $11.52/month, $49.99 for 6 months of service, or $78.66 for a full year of service. The 6 month and yearly packages offer significant savings versus the monthly package. The prices are a little higher than what some other services offer, but are fair when you take into account the added benefits offered by HMA Pro VPN.


The main feature of Hide My Ass’s virtual private network client, and one of the main reason’s it is our editor’s choice, is variety. Currently there are nearly 500 VPN servers available to connect to, housed in over 60 countries, with over 60,000 IP addresses to choose from. Those numbers are growing all the time. In 2009, there were over 30 countries and around 17,000 IP addresses available to users of HMA Pro VPN, which were still pretty staggering numbers.

Within this suite you have access to all the major VPN protocols, OpenVPN, L2TP, and PPTP, and you will find no bandwidth or server switch limitations on your use of the client.

Currently there is full client support for both Windows and Mac, as well as Linus. Linus use is currently limited to command-line based interaction, so it does require some user expertise. Of increasing importance is anonymity and security on mobile devices. With that in mind, Hide My Ass has full service for both iOS and Android smartphones and tablets.

There is a load balancing feature, which allows you to use the least loaded server for maximum speed while connected. The user interface is fairly simple to grasp and very intuitive. There are a lot of extra options for the more advanced user, including anonymous email, privacy software, and a secure file uploader.


It is hard to find anything negative with using the client, but this would not be a fair review of Hide My Ass VPN if we did not mention that occasionally you may see performance suffer a bit. Rarely have we experience slowdowns, but it does happen from time to time. The good news is that we have found it to be 100% server based and is easily remedied by simply switching to new VPN server within Hide My Ass.

Some users have complained about HMA not being entirely transparent in their logging and data retention policy. As a company that operates in the UK, they also must adhere to laws and regulations set forth by the United Kingdom. If those things are of concern to you, you might want to look at one of our other recommended VPN providers.


Overall, the thing that really makes HMA Pro VPN standout from the competition is the overwhelming amount of choice that they offer. With over 500 servers located in over 60 countries, they standout head and shoulders above their competition in the amount of options they provide to their customers.

If you think HMA is the best service for you then click here to get started signing up for their services. If you are interested in checking out other top VPN services then head over to our other VPN reviews to see all the top providers.

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